No 26 - Design Research Symposium @ DAE, 13th of May, 2015

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13th of May, 2015
Design Academy, Witte Dame Zaal

Symposium Design Research @ DAE

13 May 2015


What does it mean to do design research? What does Thinking trough Making entail? Is there something as typical DAE way of doing research?


During the first Design Research symposium, on the 13th of May, the Readers of Design Academy Eindhoven (Bas Raijmakers, David Hamers) , members of the DAE Knowledge Circle (a.o. Irene Fortuyn, Joost Grootens), design researchers (a.o. Maurizio Montalti , Susana Camara Leret) external experts (Liliana Ovalle, interaction Research Studio, Goldsmiths University, London) and managing director Thomas Widdershoven will answer these and other questions on design research. Besides the new lexicon will be presented, with key design research terminologies. Join us for interesting talks & discussions!  


Note: bachelor students that will attend the entire day will get 1 ects for this. For further information, please contact  

Design Research Symposium @DAE

Design Debates

Eindhoven strives to be the Design Capital of Europe. These ambitions make sense, with a flourishing design network, impressive design and art galleries, a smart and creative region and of course the world famous Dutch Design Week.
A Design Capital needs a platform to discuss, feed the design climate, to cross boundaries with other disciplines and of course connect all players (and players-to-be) within the field. Therefore Eindhoven-based cultural and educational institutions Design Academy Eindhoven, MU, The New Institute, Capital D founded the Design Debates platform. The platform is supported by critical friends: Baltan Laboratories, Alice, Capital D. Every month Design Debates Eindhoven will host an afternoon debate at the Designhuis in Eindhoven.

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