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Debate No 38 / 20th of April, 2016

Toys are us, design for pleasure

Debate No 37 / 16th of February, 2016

Disruptive Visions

Debate No 36 / 13th of January, 2016

Mapping Conflicts

Debate No 35 / 17th of June, 2015

Highly unlikely,

Debate No 34 / 20th of May, 2015

Superhumans: Morphing Bodily Perceptions

Debate No 33 / 13th of May, 2015

Design Research Symposium @ DAE

Debate No 32 / 28th of April, 2015

Redesigning Democracy

Debate No 31 / 11th of March, 2015

Nudging: Design for Behavioural Change

Debate No 30 / 16th of February, 2015

Future of design education

Debate No 29 / 14th of January, 2015

And the winner is....

Debate No 28 / 19th of November, 2014

Netiquette, designers as (internet)users

Debate No 27 / 08th of October, 2014

Design for social innovation

Debate No 26 / 17th of September, 2014

Who really educates designers?

Debate No 25 / 12th of June, 2014


Debate No 24 / 15th of May, 2014

The City of Dreams

Debate No 23 / Third of April, 2014

Who should go to Milan?

Debate No 22 / 20th of February, 2014

Design for Journalism

Debate No 21 / 29th of January, 2014

Copier Symposium

Debate No 20 / 23th of January, 2014

Small Steps - Big Results

Debate No 19 / 18th of December, 2013

Design Criticism, alive and kicking

Debate No 18 / 13th of November, 2013

Hacking & Design

Debate No 17 / 23th of October, 2013

Google the ultimate designer

Debate No 16 / 25th of September, 2013

Bio-design: kindergarten for science?

Debate No 8 / 26th of June, 2013

Cherry-pick design: the role of the curator

Debate No 7 / 29th of May, 2013

Design’s Social Pledge

Debate No 6 / 24th of April, 2013

Routes and Routines

Debate No 5 / 27th of March, 2013

Power to/from the People

Debate No 4 / 27th of February, 2013

Health: the next level

Debate No 3 / 30th of January, 2013


Debate No 2 / 29th of November, 2012


Debate No 1 / 25th of October, 2012

How Much Design Can We Digest

Design Debates

Eindhoven strives to be the Design Capital of Europe. These ambitions make sense, with a flourishing design network, impressive design and art galleries, a smart and creative region and of course the world famous Dutch Design Week.
A Design Capital needs a platform to discuss, feed the design climate, to cross boundaries with other disciplines and of course connect all players (and players-to-be) within the field. Therefore Eindhoven-based cultural and educational institutions Design Academy Eindhoven, MU, The New Institute, Capital D founded the Design Debates platform. The platform is supported by critical friends: Baltan Laboratories, Alice, Capital D. Every month Design Debates Eindhoven will host an afternoon debate at the Designhuis in Eindhoven.

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